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What is Google base and Google Merchant center

Google shopping was previously called Google Product search as it provided wonderful way to search for the relevant products. What next after finding our product? Now, we can straight away shop them too. That may be the reason why they renamed it from Product Search to Shopping.

We have our business in hand. We need some way of sending our product description to Google. Google stores all these details, be it vehicle details, real estate, product, recipes and so on in their repository known as Google Base, the great store house. But how to send our product or real estate details to Google Base?

There are two ways. We can either upload the details in data feeds (text/tab delimited or XML format) or through API provided by Google.

Uploading data using feeds:

Feeds are nothing but the description of our business data in text/tab delimited or XML format.  You can look into the following for feed specification http://www.google.com/support/merchants/bin/answer.py?hl=en_US&answer=188494 and http://www.celebird.com/celebird-templates.htm for feed templates.

Previously all the feeds (product, vehicles, real estate, recipes…) used to be uploaded using the web site called Google base http://base.google.com/base . In other words, we used to upload all the above items using the data feeds to Google base (repository) using the Google base website.

Feeds are sent to Google base

Google base repository

But among all these different item types, a major chunk is product details. So Google started a new website called Google Merchant centre http://www.google.com/merchants dedicated specially to upload the product data. Thus merchants can upload their product data using Merchant centre and non-product data using Google base website. The sign up page at http://www.google.com/base/ explains the difference.

But remember, all the data is stored in Google base repository but we use either Google base website or Merchant centre website to upload them according to their item type using our data feeds.

To make things clearer and popular, we will restrict our discussion to product data. So to remind ourselves again, we upload the product data feeds using the Merchant center into the Google base.

In the next blog we’ll see how to send our product data to Google base using the API’s provided by Google. Not only we can send them through our API, we can even retrieve them and “bring the speed and relevancy of Google search to our online store”.

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